“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” 

– Kathy Calvin

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings from GLA; welcome to the kick-off of the STARS project! We are excited to share with you some ways you can partner with us over the coming weeks as 2022 draws to an end. Giving Tuesday is a SPECIAL part of our end of year projects! We recently completed construction on Parker Hall and it is quickly becoming the central hub of all activity on campus, from cooking and eating, to playing and everything in between. While the space is awesome, we need to transform that space into a HOME. GLA needs to furnish Parker Hall to harness the potential of the space!

Today ONLY, for Giving Tuesday, your donation will go to transfom Parker Hall from an awesome space to an INCREDIBLE HOME! But thats not all – the Board of Directors have committed to a matching gift for Giving Tuesday. They will match every dollar given, up to $25,000 – make your gift on Giving Tuesday worth TWICE AS MUCH!

Join us on this journey today, as we strive to show the love of Christ by providing a refuge to the most vulnerable! 


Start with Numbers

Every dollar you invest in GLA makes an impact in a child's life in Haiti. Your investment saves lives, loves orphans, and sets the tone for a child's future..

Time to Build

Meaningful impact requires strong infrastructure. GLA works hard to adapt and improve our facilites to remain flexible and able to respond as needs present themselves. 

Ability to Scale

Leadership and staff at GLA see the challenges and the need in Haiti - and we are looking to 2023 and beyond to expand our refuge as God guides and provides.

Racing for Growth

Staff and Leadership believe 2023 is a year of "more and better". We've committed to offering more services and improving upon our already high standards!

Sustainability & Self-Reliance

2022 empahiszed the need to continue to grow our sustainability and self-reliance. Keeping the lights on has never been harder or more important!

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All figures and numbers included as a part of GLA’s Stars Project are a representation of buying power and not an indication of specific gifts or usage of funds.