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"In His name, the nations will put their HOPE!"

Matthew 12:21

Our new Giving HOPE campaign will expand our capacity to serve children and families in need through improved health services, community outreach, family preservation, and education programs.

Many children and families in Southern Haiti lack access to adequate healthcare and support systems. With your help, we can begin to provide:

  • Health services and programs to promote wellness
  • Community outreach to connect vulnerable families to resources and aid
  • Critical support and training opportunites to keep kids safely with their families
  • Enrichment programs and scholarships to help children thrive academically

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to increase our ability to care for underserved youth and strengthen at-risk families. Your contribution can help fund medical care, outreach, family preservation, and educational initiatives to give kids the opportunities they deserve.

Please consider giving today to provide HOPE to children and families facing adversity. With your partnership, we can make meaningful change in our community.


Your gift can help provide critical healthcare and wellness programs to underserved children and families in southern Haiti, giving them the access to healthy lives and a brighter future.


Your donation can help develop community outreach programs to connect vulnerable families to essential social services, resources, and aid they urgently need but can't access alone.


Your contribution can help provide emergency support, crisis response, and training and educational programs so more children can remain safely with their families or thrive in foster care.


Your donation can create scholarships for tuition, textbooks, and school uniforms to eliminate financial barriers to education for our students and additional families in southern Haiti.

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All figures and numbers included as a part of Giving HOPE are a representation of buying power and not an indication of specific gifts or usage of funds.