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In His name, the nations will put their HOPE!
Matthew 12:21

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, GLA family and friends. God’s provision and timing throughout 2022 has been incredible, oftentimes working through YOU at just the right time and in the way we needed it most. We are grateful for your continued support and prayerfully ask that you consider donating to one of the categories of the STARS project this Christmas season. GLA offers the highest quality of love and care at our refuge for vulnerable children in Haiti. We’ve worked hard to position ourselves for the expansion and improvement of our medical clinic, our creche department, and newly completed facilities. 2022 revealed a need to be flexible and make rapid adjustments and GLA needs your help to continue providing hope in Haiti for years to come. As always, GLA’s ministry is a team effort, and we are less without you – so thank you for your ongoing support and for your end-of-year gift to transform lives this Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Start with

Every dollar you invest in GLA makes an impact in a child's life in Haiti. Your investment saves lives, loves orphans, and sets the tone for a child's future.

Time to

Meaningful impact requires strong infrastructure. GLA works hard to adapt and improve our facilites to remain flexible and able to respond as needs present themselves.

Ability to

Leadership and staff at GLA see the challenges and the need in Haiti - and we believe 2023 is a year of "more and better". We've committed to offering more services and improving upon our already high standards!

Racing To

2022 empahiszed the need to continue to grow our sustainability and self-reliance. Keeping the lights on has never been harder or more important and recurring donations are the lifeblood of our ability to transform lives.

Roughly a third of Haiti's 11.4 million people live in extreme poverty, barely surviving on less than $2.15 a day,
and about 4 million struggle to eat two meals a day. - Thomson Reuters Foundation News

The uncomfortable truth of any ministry is that it costs ALOT to live on mission 24/7 – but we have a choice when it comes to ministry – we can see it as an expense or an investment. At GLA, we understand each dollar given represents a financial sacrifice and a commitment to be “on mission” with us. Each person that comes through the gates at GLA’s campus is transformed forever, and we believe that the price for life changed for eternity is always worth the cost. Saving children, providing a loving refuge, and facilitating adoptions – your support helps transform lives every day at GLA.

“In Haiti, 37,000 babies are born too soon each year, and 2,700 children under
five die to direct preterm complications” - Healthy Newborn Network

Time to Build

2022 was a challenging year in Haiti and revealed the need to invest in our infrastructure in order to become more flexible and adaptable to meet new needs and challenges as they arise. We had several opportunities to make huge impacts this past year and these situations revealed our limitations in facility space and utility support. The opening of Parker Hall has alleviated some of these restraints, but we still need to install $90,000 of additional solar support and create a medical space that mirrors the quality of our creche space. Lasting Impact only results from investment in quality infrastructure; otherwise impact is not sustainable! Your support can help us transform more lives each day at GLA.

"Haiti has an estimated 1.2 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).
About 7,000 children roam the streets of Port-au-Prince." - Hope to Haiti

Ability to Impact

For the past 28 years, GLA has offered a refuge to vulnerable children in Haiti through medical services and a children’s home that helps facilitate international adoptions. But GLA is much more than just a space, our staff works hard to make GLA feel like HOME, and they are nothing short of phenomenal. Each one view GLA as far more than a job – we truly are a family that pursues Jesus, loves kids, and has a passion for Haiti. Each person puts their heart and soul into their work and takes every opportunity to love on our kids. We want to continue investing in these amazing people by providing them with training opportunities and hiring additional quality staff as the need arises.  Impact isn’t just measured in the amount of services we can provide but also in the QUALITY of those services. This is why everyone that comes onto campus is loved and cared for with excellence.  The quality of life at GLA is important to our staff and leadership, and we work hard to love every one of our children. We want to continue improving and expanding on our work’s various aspects and offer new opportunities to our kids. This past year, we’ve added the “Sow A Seed” gardening program, Macrame club, and an entire Summer camp! We would love to provide a library, study space, computer club, and English classes in 2023. We also have big dreams of a renewed playground space! 2023 – the year of “more AND better”.

“When finding other organizations to work with you want to find someone with a similar heart, passion and focus on serving. It has been an honor to collaborate with GLA because of their love for God and the children they serve. After doing a vetting mission to Haiti what I saw at GLA was an organization that doesn’t just provide care, but strives to provide quality care for the children. Thank you GLA for your passion to see children grow and to change generations to come! I believe we are stronger when we serve in unity and out of a love for God.”
- Operation Underground Railroad

Racing To Sustainability

One of the big lessons 2022 taught us was the volatility of Haiti – the country reached a boiling point not seen in the last 30 + years and the ensuing lockdown amid gang fighting created extreme hardship. Fuel was impossible to source, food and other necessities were in short supply, and it was often too dangerous to venture out. Through God’s mercy, GLA weathered the storm – largely thanks to some sustainable measures we’d put into place already. However, sustainability is an evolving target; as costs go up and the state of Haiti remains in flux, GLA is looking to increase our income floor and diversify our ability to provide for our food and power needs. As we head into 2023, helping support our efforts with a monthly commitment or by investing in alternative power and food sources is a great way to help us stay operational, regardless of the state of the country outside our walls.

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All figures and numbers included as a part of GLA’s Stars Project are a representation of buying power and not an indication of specific gifts or usage of funds.